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Slow website?

"Are you looking for a modern, responsive and powerful website?" You've probably heard this phrase many times from agencies and website providers! Most of the customers don't check their sites afterwards to get to know whether they received a powerful and adapted to modern standards website or not more

In fact, web site performance is of paramount importance for search engines like Google, and lame pages are automatically ranked back in search results. Most promised SEO measures are getting ineffective. According to Google, 50% of people expect a site to load in less than two seconds. Fast page loads result in higher user engagement, more pageviews, and improved conversions.

In many cases a 100% responsive website is promised, which also turns out to be inadequate in many tests. But exactly this point should be very important because the majority of users today are visiting our sites with mobile devices and the overall package of user interface, user experience and usability for the customer must be designed attractively and efficient. It is not only known by Google that after 3 seconds a user decides to stay or close the page.

Of course, in addition to performance deficity, there are many other options, like user experience, usability or design, which are responsible for a successful web presence. We here at digital comfort-zone take care of them all. Check your existing page with Google Pagespeed-Insights now.

Individual Programming

A modern website in todays world shouldn't just inform. Users want to interact with your service and information you offer.

For that, we're building web based projects with a product centric approach. Meaning that we are treating your website like an individual product. We do not rely on outdated development methods, confusing, complicated and impersonal modular solutions or insecure CMS systems.

Individual Programming

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Future User Interfaces

In the near future, existing user interfaces (UI) will be expanded and even partially replaced by voice recognition and automated processes. New technologies are flooding the market and more and more are already being set in motion by voice / typing and automated commands. With the wealth of opportunities and technologies available on the market, we reserve the right to offer our customers the best, safest and most compatible solutions to bring the user experience and comfort to the forefront.

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No matter if you're company, raising startup or private Person. Tell us about your ideas and visions to get your individual digital project started soon.


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