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Individual web & software development

With big focus on usability, user experience and modern programming standards, we develop tailored, trend-setting, lovely, fast, scaling and save next level web and software applications.

Individual Programming

How does a modern website look and perform?

A modern website shouldn't just inform. Users want to interact with your service and information. We want to build web projects with a product centric approach. For that, we treat your website like an individual product. We do not rely on predefined design ideas, obsolete development methods, confusing & complex modular solutions or insecure CMS systems.

Things are not done by halves here at digital comfort-zone, especially when it comes to the performance of your site. Website performance is a major driver for success on the web and search engines, like Google, rank lame pages automatically back in search results. In fact, it's true that speed is one of the most effective drivers for conversion rate optimization for your business. Google is counting fast reaction times as one of very important points in order to not make customers disappear from your page right away. Already 3 seconds can decide about success and failure for conversation rates. For that, we implement websites with modern technologies which are one step ahead of competitors. We don’t build websites with last decade’s tech.

What we offer

  • Next level website programming
  • Up-to-date web technologies
  • Powerful applications that are one step ahead of competitors
  • A slick user experience and better usability than traditional websites
  • Every website become a webapp more about Webapps
  • No modular systems
  • A really responsive website
  • 100% search engine optimization (SEO)
  • No subscription models
  • No outdated content management systems (CMS)

Cross-platform mobile & desktop applications for your business

We're building individual, cross-platform applications for your business

Powerful Webshops


We offer e-commerce solutions with amazing performance, modern design and technology, simple customer navigation and many other features.

shopping-cartThe performance of a web shop is one of the essential factors to won't let customers jump off your site immediately. Even more nobody wants to wait, therefore, our webshops are equipped with the latest webtechnologies which guarantee maximum accessibility so that you and your customers can stay focused on essentials...

Maximum sales with satisfied, returning customers.

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Individual Booking Systems

We're building individual booking systems for various industries and services, which are professionally fitted to you and your company with an essential goal - maximum booking completion.

Furthermore, an app is giving you an overview of all your bookings and capacities, for planing and managing those. Professional, individual confirmation and reminder messages will delight your customers and connecting them even more with your company and business.

Individual booking-system



A successful, good working product needs a solid base to get to know the customer benefit.

To ensure this, prototypes of the product are first created. By prototyping it can be determined at an early stage, whether the product or service is what your users really need.

Prototypes are also used to quickly visualize ideas. We're building lo-, hi-fidelity as well as interactive prototypes for our clients.

Don't call it a Website - say WEBAPP!

We make fast, integrated, reliable and engaging Websites. For that, here at digital comfort-zone every website becomes a webapp to stay closer with your customers.

The greatest time of appstores seems to be over. According to several statistics, an user is loading exactly 0 apps on average per month from an appstore. The future is called webapps.

But what is a webapp?

Webapps are hardly different in the look,feel & behavior of apps from an appstore. The advantage over a traditional website is that customers can interact faster and even more intensively with your services and information, even offline. And when your website is saved on a smartphone, your brand will appear as an app on your customers' homescreen. They are also able to receive push notifications and have access to features like a native app.

Webapp Image
Look & feel like conventional apps
Access to functions like an native app
No download from Appstore
No installation necesarry
Offline use of your application
Push notifications
Can run on any device
SEO friendly
Only one code base for all browsers & platforms
No Appstore sales fees

How to get started with us?

No matter if you're company, raising startup or private Person. Tell us about your ideas and visions to get your individual digital project started soon.